The SICAV aims to achieve long-term returns similar to or higher than European equities, but with a focus on reducing the high volatility traditionally associated with stocks.

At least 75% of the equity exposure will be invested in European issuers belonging to the Eurozone. The remaining equity exposure may be invested selectively in European issuers outside the Eurozone. Investments will be made in high, medium, and low market capitalization stocks.

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Here you have available Solventis EOS S.I.C.A.V. monthly letter. Our management team provides you with a detailed view of the fund’s performance and its future prospects.

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SICAVs (Variable Capital Investment Companies) are a form of collective investment vehicle whose sole purpose is the acquisition, holding, general administration, and disposal of securities and other financial assets.

The selection of securities is carried out through a thorough analysis of companies, looking for those with clear competitive advantages, cash generation capabilities, high returns on investment, and low levels of debt.

The main risk of the SICAV is its exposure to the stock market. The SICAV also has specific risk associated with the companies in its portfolio, which is attempted to be minimized through diversified portfolio construction and management.

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The minimum investment is one share (10 euros).

It is possible to purchase the SICAV through this link without being a client.

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