The fund invests 100% of its total exposure in fixed income assets, both directly and indirectly, in public and/or private markets, and in money market instruments that are liquid, without predetermined percentages. Credit issuances with credit ratings below investment grade (lower than BBB-) will be limited to a maximum of 50%, with the remainder being of higher quality.

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Pension funds are long-term savings plans designed to help individuals save for their retirement.

The benefits of pension funds include the fact that they can help individuals effectively save for retirement and offer tax advantages. Additionally, pension plans can provide a source of income during retirement.

The objective of the Fund, in the medium to long term, is to achieve positive returns by investing with maximum criteria of safety and profitability, minimizing the risk of investments in relation to changes in the economic environment. The management of the Fund’s investments will seek to achieve maximum profitability within an appropriate distribution and compensation of risks, with the priority objective of preserving capital in the medium term.

The composition of the Fund will vary depending on the evolution of international financial markets and global macroeconomic conditions, mainly movements in medium and long-term interest rates.

Selection criteria for Fixed Income:

• Active management in the selection of securities and in the timing of entry and exit.

• Public and private issuers, both domestic and foreign.

• Rating of issuances: At least 50% of the Fixed Income portfolio will be allocated to issuances with a rating of BBB or higher by Standard & Poor’s.

• Assets: Bonds, Obligations, Notes, Commercial Papers, Preferred Shares, and any other Fixed Income security, as long as they are listed.

• At least 3% of the fund will be invested in short-term (less than 18 months) and highly liquid money market assets.

• More than 35% of the assets may be invested in securities issued or guaranteed by a Member State of the European Union, an Autonomous Community, a Local Entity, and International Organizations of which Spain is a member.

The Fund’s investments are subject to market fluctuations and other risks inherent in securities investment. Therefore, the investor should be aware that the value of the unit of the account may fluctuate both upwards and downwards.

Given that the Fund is invested in fixed income assets with an average duration of 2 to 5 years, we consider counterparty risk and market risk to be the most significant risks.

Counterparty Risk: Counterparty risk can be relevant. To reduce it, the Fund will be invested in issuers with an investment grade credit quality at the time of acquisition, at a minimum of 50%. The counterparty risk can be considered as medium.

Market Risk: As this is a Long-Term Fixed Income Fund with an average duration of 2 to 5 years, it is subject to the price effects that changes in interest rates of the assets in the portfolio may experience. This risk can be considered as medium.

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The minimum investment is one share.

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