Our Values

The Solventis team has developed a management service based on the following principles:

Interest alignment

Our first product clients are the Solventis shareholders themselves. Only what is good for us is good for our clients.


Team stability is one of the key elements at Solventis. The shareholding connection of its executives guarantees such stability, avoiding the client the inconveniences of continuous changes in business strategy, contact person, etc.


At Solventis we strive to establish long-term relations based on trust with our clients. The transparency of our management and the amount we charge for such service is an inherent aspect of our philosophy.

At Solventis it is essential that its clients know and understand what they are investing their money in at all times. For this purpose there are clear, understandable, top quality reports at your disposal.

These reports encompass all our client's financial investments. This way the client receives information on both its investment with Solventis and its investments in other Investment Companies. This is essential in order to:

  • Establish the global risk level of the client's asset portfolio.
  • Assess the correct diversification of the portfolio.

Such information is sent on a periodic basis established by the client or it can viewed live in our web page client area.


The Solventis team has over fifteen years experience in investment management services for financial institutions, both on a national and international level.

The Solventis professionals have held the responsibility of the leading investment departments of the institutions in which it has rendered its services:

  • UCITS Managers.
  • Treasury Desks.
  • Market Maker Units of derivative products in organized and OTC markets.
  • Design areas and Generation of Structured Products.
  • Risk Control Departments.

Additionally, the Solventis human team combines its practical experience with teaching activities in institutions of renowned prestige: Universidad de Barcelona (UB), Instituto de Estudios Financieros (IEF), Instituto Español de Analistas Financieros (IEAF), etc.


The service offered by Solventis is based on a proximity approach towards our clients. At Solventis we consider it essential to get to know the client, understand its needs, what it wants to do with its money, its investment time horizon, level of risk tolerance, etc…

Knowing your client well allows you to design the tailor made suit it requires. To do so, Solventis makes highly experienced agents available to its clients, who are capable of answering as many doubts the client has regarding its portfolio.

Safety and Trust

Knowing that two of the main aspects that are paramount to deciding whether to assign asset management to a third party are safety and trust, we have configured a system that provides the necessary guarantees:

  • The client selects the custodian entity and Solventis issues the sale/purchase orders against the account held by the client.
  • Solventis adapts all its systems to the chosen custodian entities. This way, the client does not need to modify its current back-office and risk control processes.


Solventis does not belong to a financial group and its shares are owned by its team of professionals.

Our management approach is based on a single concept: "our portfolios are invested with the best assets regardless of who creates them".