This division of Solventis is responsible for the investment and management of real estate assets.

Solventis real estate was established in 2016 and incorporates a team with over 27 years’ experience.

The Solventis team has led major operations both in real estate development (covering all phases: purchase of land, urban management, construction, marketing, delivery and after-sales), as well as investment and equity. 

Our selection methodology of real estate assets is based on the extensive experience of our team and on a detailed analysis of each project. 

The real estate division is focused on creating value for our customers through: 

  • The comprehensive acquisition and management of real estate assets, adapted at all times to your personal circumstances and those of the market.
  • The design and constitution of the most appropriate vehicles for each asset situation. 


  • Real Estate Investment

    • Acquisition of assets with or without lease.
    • Investment in property developments (project monitoring and tracking).
    • Search for funding.
    • Incorporation of investors and/or potential “Joint Venture”.


  • Real Estate Divestments

    • Search for investors
    • Sale and Lease Back. 


  • Real Estate Asset Optimization

    • Design and strategy for each client’s suitable portfolio.
    • Advice on succession planning and preparation of a family protocol..
    • Reorganization of industrial assets and real estate within business groups.
      • Real estate asset vs debt.


  • Design and Constitution of Real Estate Vehicles

    • SOCIMI
      • Constitution and management.
      • Registered advisers.
      • Liquidity providers.
    • Family property.
    • Other unlisted vehicles.