Solventis SGIIC - Fund / SICAVs Summary Table

I.I.C. Renta FijaCódigo ISINFecha ValorValor Liquidativo% MTD% YTD% 1 Y% 5 Y% T.A.E.
(Desde Inicio)
Solventis ATENEA SICAVES01762560324-May-20211.0750.10%-0.33%1.32%0.04%0.61%1.18%

I.I.C. Retorno AbsolutoCódigo ISINFecha ValorValor Liquidativo% MTD% YTD% 1 Y% 5 Y% T.A.E.
(Desde Inicio)
Solventis APOLO Absolute Return FIES01171050094-May-20219.560-0.02%-0.38%-1.44%--1.07%7.43%

I.I.C. Renta VariableCódigo ISINFecha ValorValor Liquidativo% MTD% YTD% 1 Y% 5 Y% T.A.E.
(Desde Inicio)
Solventis EOS SICAVES01301230395-May-202119.1126.57%8.99%32.38%6.09%4.46%16.17%
Solventis EOS FIES01171060075-May-20219.9367.09%9.63%33.37%--0.16%16.59%
Solventis AURA IBERIAN EQUITY, FIES01561350085-May-202111.0746.72%12.63%24.15%-8.85%17.67%

I.I.C. MixtoCódigo ISINFecha ValorValor Liquidativo% MTD% YTD% 1 Y% 5 Y% T.A.E.
(Desde Inicio)
Global Mix Fund, FIES01168490034-May-202110.5470.98%1.51%7.79%-4.61%4.65%

I.I.C. GlobalesCódigo ISINFecha ValorValor Liquidativo% MTD% YTD% 1 Y% 5 Y% T.A.E.
(Desde Inicio)
RG27 SICAVES01737620324-May-202116.2341.62%4.22%16.62%7.30%4.47%8.85%
Inversiones Montllor SICAVES01429840304-May-20219.4520.70%2.52%11.68%3.99%2.06%7.78%
Patkanga SICAVES01686920384-May-20212.0335.55%10.83%23.89%9.74%6.22%19.51%
Long Term Investments SICAVES01585930304-May-20217.9580.69%2.64%15.61%4.07%1.38%7.99%
Seis Global Investment SICAVES01754050024-May-20211.1650.99%3.87%17.45%-3.41%8.63%
RRETO Magnum SICAVES01827900324-May-202118.5052.64%4.80%17.38%7.72%-1.78%10.40%
Serendipity Structured Credit Fund FILES01324690005-May-20211,234.2435.46%4.92%36.17%-6.76%13.76%
Arwen Capital SICAVES01089420305-May-20211.4609.21%18.54%49.21%-1.99%22.39%
Gloversia Equity SICAVES01692680365-May-20211.4541.84%2.18%24.43%-0.21%4.42%10.45%
Altium Inver Plus SICAVES01089090054-May-20210.9881.92%4.21%15.06%-1.15%7.68%

I.I.C. Alternativas DeudaCódigo ISINFecha ValorValor Liquidativo% MTD% YTD% 1 Y% 5 Y% T.A.E.
(Desde Inicio)
Spanish Direct Leasing Fund FIL - InstES017625901030-Apr-20211,120.6780.30%1.29%5.10%1.00%2.40%1.42%
Spanish Direct Leasing Fund FIL - BPES017625902830-Apr-20211,133.0180.28%1.21%4.83%0.95%2.64%1.42%
Fondo Innovación FILPE - CL AES010533100530-Apr-20211,008.4560.03%0.15%0.51%0.10%0.30%-
Fondo Innovación FILPE - CL BES010533101330-Apr-20211,003.5970.02%0.08%0.31%0.06%0.15%-

Historical Data

I.I.C.Código ISIN20202019201820172016
Solventis ATENEA SICAVES01762560320.17%1.77%-1.92%-0.07%0.57%
Solventis APOLO Absolute Return FIES01171050090.58%-2.32%-4.51%2.29%-
Solventis EOS SICAVES0130123039-13.05%20.22%-10.60%14.13%11.81%
Solventis EOS FIES0117106007-13.05%20.68%-11.85%-2.02%-
Solventis AURA IBERIAN EQUITY, FIES0156135008-1.68%----
Global Mix Fund, FIES01168490033.90%----
RG27 SICAVES01737620322.56%17.98%-6.60%4.84%10.22%
Inversiones Montllor SICAVES0142984030-4.39%14.25%-5.27%4.86%3.60%
Patkanga SICAVES01686920387.64%28.36%-7.84%-7.17%11.85%
Long Term Investments SICAVES0158593030-0.38%14.32%-5.95%3.81%4.59%
Seis Global Investment SICAVES0175405002-0.11%15.31%-5.91%2.55%0.94%
RRETO Magnum SICAVES0182790032-14.37%7.09%-2.24%19.07%-
Serendipity Structured Credit Fund FILES01324690004.47%49.81%-24.84%--
Arwen Capital SICAVES0108942030-8.44%22.32%-21.32%--
Gloversia Equity SICAVES0169268036-2.32%10.86%-7.79%-1.10%-
Altium Inver Plus SICAVES0108909005-3.52%----
Spanish Direct Leasing Fund FIL - InstES01762590105.77%2.78%3.26%-0.02%-
Spanish Direct Leasing Fund FIL - BPES01762590285.49%2.42%4.07%0.98%-1.40%
Fondo Innovación FILPE - CL AES01053310050.56%0.40%-0.25%--
Fondo Innovación FILPE - CL BES01053310130.35%0.20%-0.00%--

Net asset value, equity and shares.

Warning: Historical data refers to the past performance, and this results may not necessarily be a reliable indicator of future performance.



Solventis SGIIC, is the Group’s specialized unit for institutional portfolios management.

Registered in the Spanish Securities Authority (CNMV) with registration number 248, it is a management company specialized in traditional management of collective investments institutions (investment funds and SICAVs) as well as alternative management (hedge funds and venture capital entities). Its management team consists of experienced professionals in value investment and in a strict risk control, based on Solventis' completely verified methodology.

Our objective is to maximize the investment return in the long-run, minimizing our clients’ risks of loss.

Our management model is based on the following principles:

  • Independence

    Solventis is completely independent, it does not belong to a financial or industrial group, and, as a consequence, its investment strategy is not influenced by any other groups’ particular interests.

  • Risk control

    Permanent control of the managed portfolios' risk is the priority in the management model followed by the company.

  • Experience

    Solventis SGIIC relies on a management team that has a long trajectory in asset management, which gives a high capacity of exploitation of the market positive times and of the reaction to unfavorable situations.

  • Active management

    Based on the exploitation of the investment opportunities offered by the oscillations in the market in order to invest in the long-run. Our management looks for investment opportunities in values where its price is below its intrinsic value, offering good revaluation perspectives (investing value).