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If we had to define the best investment funds, we could state that these are the ones that have consistently accomplished returns which are higher than its reference index. Solventis Apolo Absolute Return’s objective is to obtain these return differences between the fund and the index.

To accomplish it, the fund will be composed by the 8-10 best investment funds in European variable income and at the same time will have the equivalent amount in futures sold above the index. Consequently, if the index increases and the funds increase even more, Solventis Apolo’s return will be positive. On the contrary, if the index decreases but the amount of funds decrease less than the index, the return will be positive as well.

Finally, we want an investment fund that:

  • Invests in European variable income assets.
  • Obtains positive returns (5-10%) independently of what the index Eurostoxx 50 does.
  • Allows improving significantly the volatility and the binomial return-risk when it balances with a variable income portfolio.


  • Why an Absolute Return now?

    If we observe the Hedge Funds’ indices return of equity market neutral in 2012 they did -6.37%, in 2013 -2.65% and in 2016 -2.21%. We would expect that an equity market neutral fund obtains positive returns continuously.

    This is the reason why it is hard to understand the aim behind negative and high returns when the strategy that they apply is not clear.

    In Solventis Apolo we offer:
    - Clear strategy
    If managers do better than the index = positive return

  • Why have we chosen these funds?

    We have not chosen funds, but managers. As a consequence, we try to select the best managers.

  • What do we mean by best managers?

    Those managers with a more than proven history of recurrently obtaining results higher than the index.

    Moreover, we ensure that managers have their interests aligned with the participants. In this case, in 6 out of 8 funds selected, the management team is at the same time partners/owners of the management company: AzValor, Cobas, Magallanes, Solventis, Alken y Sextant.

  • ¿Why Eurostoxx 50?

    The future that will be used is Eurostoxx 50. The reasons:
    - Liquidity of the future.
    - The funds have a European Universe.
    - The funds have had higher returns than this index continuously. 

  • Liquidity

    The fund will always have between 3% and 5% of its position in liquidity. Moreover, Apolo’s assets (funds, futures, cash) have daily liquidity.