Discretional Portfolios

The active management of the portfolios carried out in Solventis follows 3 main objectives.

  1. Personal management.
    It takes into account each client’s personal situation depending on its temporal horizon, taxation system, risk profile and lifestyle.

  2. Market management.
    Following an active management of the portfolios, the management team tries to obtain the best returns adjusted to each of the investment profiles.
    The study of the different markets and economies provides the management team with the knowledge needed for the optimal decision-making, positioning itself in the expanding economies and avoiding the ones in recession; as well as a detailed analysis of each asset category that contributes more alfa to the portfolio.

  3. Asset selection.
    Clients are managed through different financial assets (funds, bonds, shares, …) taking into account the financial-tax return optimization. The assets selected by Solventis are subjected to a rigorous analysis before being part of our clients’ portfolio.
Portfolio creation process:
  1. Clients’ needs must be detected.
  2. Lining up the needs with its equity.
  3. Objectives achievement.
  4. RISK PROFILE determination (the risk is determined by the needs).


  • Conservative

    SHORT-TERM (3-6 months)

    - Bills
    - Weekend break
    - Dentist

  • Moderate

    MEDIUM TERM (12-24 months)

    - Car
    - Summer trips
    - Specialized course

  • Risky

    LONG TERM (+24 months)

    - Housing
    - Children
    - Retirement