Pensions Plans


To complete its product range, Solventis offers two new Pensions Plans:

- Solventis CRONOS
- Solventis EOS

Solventis Pensions Plans presentation (spanish)
FAQ (spanish)


  •  Why a Solventis Pension Plan?

    • For the excellent evolution of both plans since its creation in 2012 (+40% EOS - +4% CRONOS).
    • Because Solventis is an independent company and can always choose the best assets in the market.
    • Because the Solventis wealth management is completely transparent. You will always be able to see where your funds are invested and you can be in direct contact with the final manager of your plan.
    • For the great experience of the management team and the high-risk control applied to each of the assets in the portfolio.
    • Because every product managed by Solventis has always and recurrently beaten the market.


  • What is a Pension Plan?

    • It is a medium to long term saving product, that aims to increase our pension when retirement comes.
    • Pension Plans have an important tax discout: the amount invested every year can be partially deducted from your Income Tax.


  • Why do I need a Pension Plan?

    • Because the current public pension system will barely keep the purchasing power of savers and I need to complement it with a private plan.
    • Because investing in pension plans I can benefit from tax advantages with reductions in the tax base of up to 52% off from the total contributions.
    • Because I should secure my future, and this is not a matter of great efforts, but of slowly saving and planning my retirement as soon as possible.


  • How much can I contribute annually to Pension Plans?

    • The total annual contributions made to all pension plans owned by the participant, including contributions to a pension fund of employment may not exceed € 10,000 annually.
    • However, in the case of a participant over 50 years the maximum annual limit will be 12,500 euros.
    • These limits can be expand up to 24,250 euros for the contributions made on behalf of a disabled person.