Solventis Gestión is the Asset Management and Net Worth Consulting division of the Solventis group, and offers a comprehensive, dynamic and efficient service adapted to the needs of its clients.

The Solventis group has the necessary size, solvency and strength to compete in a global environment.

Solventis provides its asset management and net worth consulting services to financial institutions, insurance companies, companies, investment funds, pension funds, security investment firms and private individuals.
The Solventis management service focuses on the following areas of specialization:

  • Discretional Portfolio Management

    Solventis offers a Comprehensive Portfolio Management Service encompassing all the client's needs within the widest range of assets. Our service includes all the stages of the process, featuring:

    • Identification of assets subject to investment.
    • Detailed analysis of the goodness-of-fit of the identified asset.
    • Profitability versus Risk
    • Tax aspects
    • Closing of the operation while dealing with all relevant legal and contractual aspects.
    • Monitoring the acquired asset


    The global outlook towards the net worth position allows us to design an appropriate level of diversification. In accordance with the basic objectives of each portfolio and the client's risk profile, the management service provided is based on the following principles:

    • Selecting investments totally free of any conflict of interests.
    • An appropriate management of the yield curve and the investment in Equity Securities with reasonable ratings.
    • Investment in Non-fixed Income Securities with understandable businesses, a solid track-history and showing positive forecasts in the medium and short term. In summary, we aim at investing in sound companies at reasonable prices, instead of investing in companies with complex business activities at lower prices.
    • The search for companies with an efficient Management Team with extensive and confirmed experience.
    • Objective valuation methodology. 


  • Comprehensive Management of Security Investment Companies

    With this service, Solventis will incorporate and manage the most common vehicle used by large net worths to channel savings on a medium/long term basis, the Security Investment Company (SICAV).

    Would you like to create your own Security Investment Company?

    At Solventis we are specialists in the comprehensive management of this kind of Collective Investment Instrument.

    The  following presentation will allow you to become familiar with the requirements, costs, investment policies, tax aspects and other advantages of a Security Investment Company as an investment vehicle.