Who do we advise?


At Solventis we advise to a variety of types of client.

  1. Institutions and private investors:
    • Definition of capital structure and the search for financial resources.
    • Advice to venture capital companies and family offices, locating investment opportunities and creating value for their portfolios.
    • Sector analyses and detection of investment opportunities.
    • The sale of portfolio companies using processes to maximize value.
    • Advice on obtaining external financial resources to undertake corporate operations.

  2. Private Companies:
    • Companies considering selling all or part of the company after successfully undertaking a corporate project.
    • Family-run companies requiring shareholding reorganization or experiencing inheritance difficulties.
    • Expanding companies facing a capital increase in order to obtain financial resources.
    • Companies aiming at growing by acquiring other companies.
    • Companies planning on performing an initial public offering in the short or medium term.

  3. Management Teams:
    • Definition of capital structure and the search of financial resources.
    • Development of MBI operations in which a management team with its own corporate project wishes to carry out such project while becoming stakeholders in a company other than the one they work for.
    • Development of MBO operations in which a company management team proposes to purchase such company by taking a relevant shareholding in the company with the aim of developing its own corporate project.