The Solventis human team has developed a large number of financial consulting projects among which we wish to highlight the following:

Risk Control
  • Solventis has developed projects including the design and implementation of Risk Control Departments for financial entities.
  • We have developed and prepared Resource Reports and Procedure Manuals for Control Risk departments.
  • We calculate the market risk, counterparty risk and the liquidity of hundreds of Investment Funds. We therefore solve the requirements imposed by CNMV Circular 6/2009 regarding Derivatives for many fund managers.
  • We have implemented market control risk procedures and solutions for import and export companies.
Capital Asset Pricing (CAPM)
  • We calculate the value of structured products and derivative instruments of different complexity and underlying assets for several financial institutions.
  • We assess over 6,000 complex financial instruments valued at over 100,000 Million Euros, on a daily basis.
  • We have written assessment procedure manuals.
Calculation Agent
  • We act as calculation agents for secured funds.
Hedge Effectiveness Testing
  • We test the effectiveness of existing and future hedge schemes, in compliance with the new IAS accounting standard for different companies.
Design and Implementation of Structured Products
  • We have designed hedges and structured products for several financial entities.
Optimizing Financial Activity Processes
  • We have contributed to optimizing the internal processes of financial entities' financial departments, generating considerable cost savings.
  • We teach financial related subjects at education centres of renowned prestige: Universidad de Barcelona (UB), Instituto de Estudios Financieros (IEF), Instituto Español de Analistas Financieros (IEAF), etc.
  • We also design and teach courses tailored to our clients needs.